CHILD will provide a greater understanding of the root causes of allergy and asthma including genetic and environmental triggers and the ways in which they interact

This knowledge will translate directly into significant and measurable social and economic benefits for Canada.

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CHILD will have a direct impact on public health-based prevention strategies for:

  • asthma and allergic diseases; environmental exposure regulations and policies;
  • safe home product standards and regulations;
  • food safety regulations and policies;
  • urban planning and home design;
  • maternal-child health;
  • prenatal care (diet, nutrition) guidelines;
  • pediatric allergy and asthma guidelines; and,
  • novel therapeutic targets for drug discovery and exposure modulation.

The  CHILD Study has recruited over 3500 families !

Expectant mothers, most of whom in their second trimester, have been recruited from the general population in several areas in Canada including: Vancouver, British Columbia; Edmonton, Alberta; Manitoba (Winnipeg and 2 rural sites); and Toronto, Ontario. The children and their mothers are monitored throughout the remainder of pregnancy and until the babies reach 5 years of age.

  1. All children will be clinically assessed at:
    • delivery,
    • at a 3-month home visit, and
    • at ages 1, 3, and 5 years.
  2. Home assessment with dust sample collection at 3 months is complemented by repeated detailed environmental questionnaires from pregnancy to age 5.
  3. Anthropometric measures, pulmonary function and viral infections are assessed longitudinally.
  4. Biological sampling includes:
    • genetic material from the child and parents,
    • cord blood,
    • breast-milk at 3 months,
    • infant peripheral blood at 1 and 5 years,
    • meconium,
    • viral swabs,
    • urine and stool at multiple time points, and
    • Questionnaire data will be collected on pre- and post-natal environment, nutrition, stress, health status and medication.